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Going Green.

People up in Nor Cal are way more green than the So Cal folks. When I first moved back to So Cal a couple years ago, I would be heckled for having a bucket of reusable grocery bags in my trunk. Hello?! I’m just trying to save some trees, cut down on landfill waste, and prevent animals from dying on plastic! I’ve been going green ever since I was a kid and made sure back then to cut all the plastic soda pop rings so the penguins wouldn’t get strangled from them! I didn’t even need Happy Feet back then to make me take being green seriously.’s funny how I fit in more with the Nor Cal culture even though I’m totally a So Cal kid.

Stuffed with what WAS on the table!

But as far as green goes, I must say “Yay!!” for the Green Bay Packers on winning Super Bowl XLV. Hmmm…ok…I can’t say I know too much about football…but at least I was spirited enough to wear green…or perhaps I just had a green t-shirt to wear and that was reason enough for me to root for Green Bay…well…I did also work in Wisconsin once as a camp counselor for inner city Chicago kids…so hey…Green Bay all the way! So in perfect Super Bowl form with my friends, the boys watched the game with hoots and hollers coming from the living room while the girls gabbed in the dining room. It was the best Super Bowl game yet!! Next time, we just have to add some spicy chicken wings, celery sticks, and ranch dressing to the mix. But it was a delicious spread prepared by the amazing MT and SWu…and Kenin’s cookies were absolutely scrumptious! Hope to see you all again soon!

Cut me some SLACK.

So I’m on day 2 of my trip to Nor Cal, making a circuit from Berkeley, to El Cerrito, to SF, to the south bay. Today, I learned how to slackline in Dolores Park. It’s my new favorite way to exercise!! It’s like being a tight-rope walker where you have to engage your core to balance yourself on a slackline. I’ve never seen this before. I don’t think there’s a slacklining culture in the OC. So, I think it may be time to get a kit and see about finding two palm trees at Laguna Beach and well…you interested in joining? :) Come find me on the beach.


“I’m going to pull a dad.”

In reference to Uncle Jing-hong, a.k.a. Uncle #5 from Chicago (on my mom’s side of family, married to Aunty #5) who’s close to turning 70 but seems to be my most handy and energetic uncle who’s willing to jump into any situation and fix things. He taught me how to change a flat tire in college in case I was ever stuck out on the roads of Chicago and he was the first to jump into the trunk of my car when I locked my keys in the car at my brother’s wedding. (He tried to unlock the car with a coat hanger through the cat-door-sized opening through my back seat armrest.)

I can reach the lock!

But when it comes to dinner time, it’s been told that if he ever has a glass of wine or if he’s tired, he’ll often close his eyes and take a nap at the dinner table while everyone else continues on. So tonight, I had a dinner with my favorite twin cousins (Jid and Donna) at Kirala, and near the end of dinner, Jid was so tired she said she was going to pull a dad. So she did just that as Donna and I finished off the Hamachi Teriyaki and Seafood Yakiudon dishes. Our third dish, the Beef Sukiyaki was good but a bit too salty. I love coming up to Nor Cal…and what a treat to be with both cousins! Good thing Donna’s hanging out in Nor Cal on her winter break and avoiding the Chicago blizzard of 2011.

Too bad the waiter had a shaky hand and was a little off in the centering.

Also, apparently some Chinese names have meaning and tradition behind them and are passed down through the characters. We’re not sure where this tradition comes from, but for some of us, we inherited our mom’s first name as our middle name. Growing up, my mom once explained to me that she did that so I would never forget her name in case we were ever separated (perhaps this is a carry over in reference to war times when such things might happen or it seems to be just a distant dream or fleeting impression of such a thought in my head for some reason). Anyway, since my cousins are twins, they had to start sharing early on; after Aunty #5′s name “Mei Huei” one got the Mei and the other got the Huei. So the Mei was Americanized to May and the Hui somehow got lost in translation and turned into Wynne. Figure that one out…and you wonder why some of us have an identity crisis growing up Asian-American.