X-treme Photography.

Extreme sports. Extreme dating. Extreme eating. Lots of people go to the extreme. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. But enough on that for now. I had a chance to go to Joshua Tree for a nice chillaxing weekend with good company and good food. Nothing beats RV camping…that’s a 4-star camping experience for sure!

For a couple of my friends, amazing and passionate photographers, it was their chance to explore dimensions of extreme photography, whether it was climbing jumbo rocks with heels, leaping from boulder to boulder to set up a flash with seconds before all the lighting would change and make the perfect picture obsolete, or trying not to get stabbed with thorns and thistles to get the right shot with the right light… Meanwhile, I had fun taking some shots of my own with my iphone. Not too shabby for a camera phone. :)

Matthew Saville in Action!

Matthew doesn't give up and uses every shred of light there is!

Emily Ivey in action!

I on the other hand very much enjoyed cooking in the posh RV, the hearty breakfasts, s’mores around the campfire, and the easy rock climbing…living the simple life with no access to the internet or phones…learning to live in the present, here, and now. Good therapy for the soul…planning another trip for April. Anyone else want to join?

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