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A needle in a haystack.

To the Costco guy I exclaimed with big big smile, “Send out an ABP. I lost my keys. They were clipped to a cart, we don’t know where that cart is!” So I lost my keys at Costco today. Stupid me, yes, but how did that happen you wonder? Well, I clipped them to the cart seat since I didn’t have any pockets on my work outfit (pencil skirts don’t come with pockets!), didn’t want to lug my entire work bag into Costco..had my phone and wallet in hand. Went all around Costco with Cchu only to find a kilo of Fage yogurt worthy of purchase today, checked out at the register, grabbed yogurt, left cart behind and thought now to hand carry yogurt, phone and wallet, met Cchu at food court for hot dog and sundae, finished eating, got up to leave and realized my keys were still attached to that cart, went back to where cart would have been at the register, saw no cart with keys hanging off of it…aiyayaya. So Cchu positioned herself at the exit being a creeper holding her kilo of Fage yogurt staring everyone down that passed by (really just looking at the carts for keys), I walked the larger half of the Costco parking lot, up and down every aisle looking for a cart with the keys attached to it and saw nothing, and exclaimed to myself “how many carts does Costco have! They have 100s of carts! This is impossible), went back inside and started walking the Costco floor, went from the registers down the main way, looking intently at every cart I passed by, passed the clothing area, got to the freezer section, quietly sighed while maintaining a smile, “oh Lord, where are these keys”, passed the fruit and produce section, rounded the meat corner, walked by the bakery corner and…AHA!!! there was the lone cart with keys hanging off it, no one around the cart, still nothing in the cart, hanging out by its lonesome in the furthest corner from the register with the baked goods. Go figure!! :) But it was another fun adventure in the lives of CC and PC.


There is a man who inspires me. I can’t say why or how exactly just yet….but he was someone who knew the secret of maintaining his joy in the most adverse of situations. Maybe I’ll have more to say after I re-read Watchman Nee – A Seer of the Divine Revelation in the Present Age by Witness Lee. But for now…I am happy to be inspired. What kinds of things inspire you?