Dude, Sweet Chocolate


A cute little chocolate shop in Dallas, Texas…another point of inspiration. My friends say they could see me opening up a shop like this, featuring happypeggy granola. The owner of the shop that day was working on her next new chocolate creation, a dark chocolate covered nougat bar (yet to be named). She said she thinks she has the flavors dead on this time and that its taken her several rounds of trials to get to this flavor. We went back the next day and were able to sample some. The flavors were exquisite, a party in your mouth, almost like you had a floral bouquet exploding in your mouth (if it were possible to eat flowers, that is). You have to use your imagination on this or head to Dude, Sweet Chocolate yourself for a sample!

Well, as for happypeggy granola, the latest idea is to take on an Asian American identity to the product line (many thanks to the amazing Ms. Lam for her creativity). Featuring exotic flavors…orange flower blossom, almond flower blossom, cherry flower blossom…with exquisite clean and simple graphics to complement the brown paper packages tied up with string. :) What flavor would you like to see in the happypeggy granola line? Throw me a suggestion or cast your vote for your favorite flavor/essence/concoction in a comment below.

  1. Maybe green tea? Dates instead of raisins? Looking forward to being your guinea pig!

      • Peggy
      • May 31st, 2011 9:37pm

      Oooh…green tea…yes…I do know where I might get some very fancy green tea powder…(Mama Su’s kitchen that features green tea mochi and green tea sponge cake)… Dates? Hmm…yes..much better than raisins…I am not a fan of raisins…

    • Sarah
    • May 31st, 2011 9:48pm

    Dates, YES! Dried figs would also be delish. As for flowers, how about something with rose water or rose essence in some form?

      • Peggy
      • May 31st, 2011 10:04pm

      Ooh…I’ve tried rose water ice cream…it’s a little in-ter-es-ting…not the biggest fan…but hey…doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve a spot on the product shelf at least for a trial period…and see how the customers respond! :)

        • Sarah
        • June 2nd, 2011 12:23pm

        Oh, I love rosewater ice cream. You’ll have at least one customer. :)

    • Debbie Franks
    • May 31st, 2011 9:49pm

    How about dried mango? Pistachios – not sure if they are on an asian line but a little more interesting and upscale…. Now this is brave – if you are thinking green tea, how about coffee beans (chocolate covered) Oh dear – will granola ever be healthy again :)

      • Peggy
      • May 31st, 2011 10:03pm

      Haha..pistachios, almonds, and cashews are the base nuts featured in happypeggy granola. Mango…yes..I like that one. Coffee beans? Well…that becomes Asian American in my book when it’s chocolate and milk covered making it a mocha bean. :) Story goes: when I was a kid and took a trip to Europe as a high school graduation gift, I came home and told my mom about PG Tips tea with milk and sugar and how it was delicioius. She quickly retorted that “Asians do NOT drink tea with milk and sugar…Americans do. It’s like how Americans can drink their coffee black and Asian’s need the milk and sugar to drink it.” And to that she would not let me make my tea with milk and sugar. Well…I like my milk tea drinks loaded with more than just a little milk and sugar, I appreciate a clean cup of oolong or green tea, and if I’m going to have coffee I’ll just take it black. Just another Asian American identity crisis…

  2. Peggy, I finally found your blog! I’m surfing people-whom-I-know’s blogs. ;P Btw, is it possible to include your blog for my project? I may request a special post though. :) Let me know. Oh, and I’m looking forward to more of your cooking recipes.

      • Peggy
      • June 16th, 2011 11:14pm

      Katherine! Sure you can add me I guess…though I’m not the most saavy blogger by any means. I’ll do my best to help…and try my best to post more frequently. :)

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