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The Brownie Trail

Hmm…brownies? Poopoo eh? Read up here for a little chuckle first.

Well, perhaps little man would appreciate this month’s attempt at making brownies look more like a moving truck. Then he wouldn’t be so quick to brownie bash! :)

To help out with a staff send-off, I offered to bake a batch of brownies. So, mustering the hidden elementary school teacher in me that completed a BS and MA in Education, never on the teaching track, I had to channel my unrealized teacher energies into making an unconventional display of brownie bites. So long Russells! God-speed as you move to Billings, MT (perhaps it’d be better not to take my proposed brownie trail).

And I’d say my co-worker’s amazing Frosting’s inspired homemade cupcakes were just the perfect complement. Thanks Paper Rosie! You did an amazing job! :)

Dark. Bitter. Bold.

Ah, the perfect end to a long work day. It sure looks like a Guiness…but in happypeggy’s world, I was inspired to find a way to make this Arabic coffee sludge free. Based on the packaging, it looks like you mix the finely ground coffee in a stainless steel pitcher of sorts, then pour it out into another cup to try and avoid the sludge. All the words are in Arabic on the packaging and having bought this in Israel, let’s just it didn’t come with instructions for a non-coffee connoisseur. In Israel, I watched people brew this coffee by mixing it with hot water, letting the sediments settle, and drink it out of the same cup.

Well, in an attempt to avoid the sludge, I put the coffee grounds (more like powder) in a paper tea leaves filter. Most of the coffee went right through that filter back into the cup! Fail!

So recently, my friend left her drip coffee brewer at our house. I never used one of these before, but hey, another toy to play with, and maybe this time, the paper filter for that deal would work better than the tea filter. Well friends, it did work and there you have it. After slowly pouring water over the coffee grounds that turned into sludge, what came out was some pretty clean coffee. No acidic or burnt aftertaste to this coffee. Just a nice dark, bitter, bold brew. Straight up…no sugar…no milk…clean and smooth. Need I say more? That’s the perfect drink to go with dinner to keep me going for 5 more hours of evening life in the church life.