Cake Pops Move Over…

Cake pops seem to be all the craze, but make room, because cookie pops are coming to town. The process of making cake pops just doesn’t sound appealing. Bake the cake, smash it all up, add in the frosting, smash it some more, mold them into balls, put the ball on a stick, dip it into chocolate or other candy hard shell…and there you go, a cake pop. For some reason, making cookie dough balls, putting a stick in the dough ball, then baking it at 350 degrees, and ending up with a cookie pop you can frost sounds much more appetizing to me. Another awesome job by¬†Paper Rosie! (I think it’s time to add this to your product line. If anyone steals this idea and makes it big…you know where you saw it first!) :)

So there you have it, cast your vote! Would you rather eat a cake pop or a cookie pop?

a.k.a. Cookie Pops

It's a Cookie Pop Garden!

    • Joyce
    • September 21st, 2011 10:20am

    Dear Happy Peggy (aka: Little One)
    You should check now :)

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