Chicken on my mind!

$0.99/lb for chicken! Now that is a steal when you want to cook for 30 voracious college students.  But when I got to the store, I realized that was for split chicken breast with the bone in. Being ambitious, I thought I could make something out of 15 lbs. of chicken, but once I got the chicken home, I thought, “who was I kidding? The bone-in makes it hard to work with…next time I’m going to pay $1.97/lb. for the boneless/skinless chicken breasts!”. In the end, my housemate and I decided to go with 3 chicken pot pies (from Costco), rice, and broccoli to feed 30 college students – all you have to do is throw the pies in the oven, throw the rice and water in a cooker, and dunk the broccoli into boiling salted water until they turn bright green, strain it, and salt and pepper it. Much easier than cooking chicken. But since I already bought the chicken, I still had to figure out what to do with it.

Needless to say, it was a long day of cooking still in the end! So, I experimented with baking chicken resulting in honey baked chicken and poaching chicken so I could save the chicken for a future chicken enchilada meal. Results were not too shabby I must say. Moist baked chicken and resilient/juicy poached chicken. In the poached chicken experiment process, I also discovered the anatomy of raw chicken breasts and figured out how to carve out chicken breasts and chicken tenderloins off the bone…but after all that, I think I’m done playing with slimy chicken for a good few months. Friends, please remind me never to buy that much chicken at one go ever again. :)

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