Da Bing

Based on personal experience, it seems the Chinese scallion pancakes can refer to the da bing (big pancake), xiao bing (small pancake), zua bing (pull-apart pancake), tsong yo bing (onion oil pancake)…but it all boils down to the same essential ingredients of flour, water, scallions and oil. I believe it just depends on the method which probably has to do with geographical origin (i.e. Northern China, Southern China, or any regions or provinces in between and around China) that determines the delectable outcome. This particular da bing was a delicious treat made by my neighbor that even had some black pepper rolled into the dough and was coated with sesame seeds. Spicy! It’s not every day the Lord blesses you with neighbors that share the joy of cooking where it goes beyond just borrowing a cup of milk or sugar when you happen to run out mid cooking. :) No recipe to share on this one though…you’ll just have to pay a visit to my neighbor.

    • MC
    • December 22nd, 2011 12:12pm

    Yum, I LOVE da bing (and almost any other kind of bing). Wish you had a recipe to share!

      • Peggy
      • December 23rd, 2011 11:35am

      Maybe one day…when I get into the kitchen of some asian mama top chef out there!

    • MC
    • December 27th, 2011 8:20pm

    A pregnant woman with a certain food craving is a woman on a mission! I searched online for a recipe for green onion da bing and tried making it today. Husband’s verdict: success! Thanks for the inspiration, happypeggy!

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