What is selah?

You never realize that you’re tired and that you’ve been running on empty until you finally stop. Then when the closest of friends lovingly mentions how you look so tired at 9:30 pm and you insist you’re not that tired (as your days typically wind down at midnight), it makes you wonder if perhaps you’ve been running a little too long on overdrive. Well, perhaps its days like this where you really do need a selah from life–life that is but a crazy flurry of a whirlwind around you, and you’re deceived to think all is fine when you are really just in the eye of the storm for a moment. Good luck getting out of that one, right?

Well, I’ve heard selah defined as stop and think about it, or to take a pause. While a difficult word to translate, perhaps deep down we have a deep sense of the meaning and feeling behind the word–like a soft and gentle whisper inside that nudges you to just give yourself a moment to stop, rest, think, and ponder.

So find a way to take a selah whether it be a trip to the hot tub or aimlessly wandering around a Target or Costco (with no intention of purchasing anything) for a while to decompress from long days, or taking a stroll on a beach somewhere.

A perfect place to stroll...

If we plan to live as long as our tough farm-raised grandparents, we probably need to find more times to selah. How would you selah?

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