Family Tree

Eventually, my family tree will go here with headshots and all that, maybe even little bios. But for now, I’m just going to have to write down names til I can get it all sorted.

Mom’s Side

Soga, Uh-teh – Midoli = It-king, Sun-king + Gwyneth, It-hong, Ah-jing, Yoshi, Tswun-eh, Ta-ke, Mi-eh + Jing-hong = Dawn, Jid, Phia + Jocey = $0.01, Toshi, Hui-tzu, Sobe

Dad’s Side

Grandma + Grandpa (brother #4),  Chaz, Hank

Kwun-lien (grandpa’s younger half-brother #5, of tong-hu, yi-mu) + Lily = Catherine, Peter

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