Enter the Blogger

What can I blog about next?

Back in April of 2009, I started my first blog. Not too happened since then. So this is attempt number 2. Hopefully I’ll average more than one post every few months. I’m a very slow learner when it comes to learning new technology. So here I am again, trying to enter into this blogging world…but hey, at least I finally found a skin I like and am learning how to organize things from behind-the-scenes. Steep and slow learning curve…but I think I’ll eventually figure it out “by doing”…I guess that’s the only way I’ve made it through life til now…just doing, exploring, learning til my brain catches up and can make sense of all the doing.

For those who ever considered the blogging world, hey, if I could do it, I’m sure anyone else out there can give it a try and do a much better job than me. :0) We all just have to start somewhere and once we do, the only way we can go is up. (Did I just butcher that idiomatic saying?) I’m not the most eloquent of persons, nor did I ever learn all the grammatical rules of the English language, but I’m happy to throw my thoughts out there in hopes that you too will send some back my way. Happy reading!

(Photo courtesy of Fresh Ivey Photography).