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What is the NATO phonetic alphabet?

With all the advances in technology these days, you can do most everything online without ever having to bother with interacting with people (i.e. depositing checks, buying airplane tickets, shopping for shoes on Zappos to baby gifts on Amazon…and everything else). Have we completely lost the art of social interaction?

I will leave that to debate for another day….

But every so often when technology fails you and you just need help to get the online accounts sorted out or there’s some discrepancies needing human customer service, you’re relegated to verifying all manner of your existence, often over some poor phone connection or just being plain deaf. (Hey, whoever came up with closed captioning for the hearing impaired was a genius.) …and sometimes the customer service agent gets annoyed with your for not enuncuating or sometimes you have to play a 3-round repetition game (i.e. your email address) to get through the call.

In such cases have you ever resorted to some sort of word game to make sure the other party hears you right? My name is P as in pearl, E as in egg, G as in good, G as in good, and Y as in yes. And sometimes the person who’s trying to help you ends up correcting you in your letter to word association. Hrmph! Well not all of us are trained in the NATO phonetic alphabet. Seriously, how many of us even knew that this language existed? I mean pig latin…yes…but shouldn’t NATO be left to politics and world affairs?

For all those who find yourself in this kind of situation, perhaps you might want to join me and brush up on your NATO alphabet skills. :)