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Why is Munich white sausage (weisswurst) white?

I read over 10 sites that came up on Google search about why Munich white sausage is white. None of them really told me the answer, but they did tell me how to eat this traditional meal. I obviously did not know the way to eat it properly (you either cut the casing lengthwise and eating the inside, or you cut the tip of the casing and suck out the meat bite by bite). I ate it by cutting it into bite-sized pieces like how I eat my good ol’ American hot dogs. It tasted ok, but I think I would prefer the usual pan-fried brats over this one that was cooked with hot water. Nevertheless, I was left with one question: What makes these white sausages white?

I went olive picking today and met an older Italian man named Giovanni from Germany who said white sausage is white because it is made from the meat scraped off closest to the bone. But it’s also unhealthy for you and he only eats it maybe once a year. I always thought pork was just pork and any part of the pig would be the “other white meat.” Unless anyone else has ideas, I’ll leave the story be, but one thing I do know — I think I met my sausage quota for the year.

The pretzel (breze) was also a traditional Munich side to the sausages, salty, crusty on the outside and super soft on the inside. The way they should be!

White Sausages

Munich White Sausages - the one interesting thing I felt I should try while wandering the Munich airport on a 5 hour layover.

There are pigs in Israel.

In response to my last post, I am happy to report that I found some pigs in Israel. They came from London…and somehow border control didn’t catch them.

I totally forgot about these tasty gummies that can only be found at Marks & Spencer in the London. But for Percy Pig, it’s not just about a cute little pig trademark logo. It’s all about the pork and for those who can’t handle the pork, they feature a kosher “veggie” version where the gelling agent consists of pectin versus pork gelatine.

Having somewhat of a gummy fetish and being a huge fan of Haribo and all things gummy, I never really thought about where gelatine comes from. Haribo never labelled their ingredients so specifically and starts off with corn syrup, sugar, gelatine…. Percy Pig’s ingredients are sugar, glucose syrup, sugar, pork gelatine…. For some reason, reading “pork gelatine” in the ingredients makes my tummy feel a little funny and now I’m more inclined to eat the kosher version. Perhaps deep down I have some Jewish blood in me after all and I’m reminded why ignorance is bliss. (At least my dentist will be happy to hear that I may end up cutting down on the gummy intake after all this.)

Upon further investigation, it turns out Percy Pig has his roots in Germany. Now that makes you wonder if it’s really about the pig or if there’s more to this story…maybe I’ll head to the pig-farming kibbutz in Israel and do some further investigations.

Percy Pig

Are there pigs in Israel?

As I was flying into Tel Aviv from Germany, we were served dinner on the plane. “lamb or poulet?” the stewardess asked. Not sure what poulet was, some sort of chicken apparently, I opted for lamb. The label on the lamb had “NO PORK” stamped on it. Uh oh…no pigs in Israel? No bacon, sausage, ham…say goodbye to standard fare in the American breakfast.

When I landed, I asked some people if there were pigs in Israel, or if they ever saw any pigs. So far, answers have all come back negative. I will be keeping my eyes out for any pigs on a kibbutz somewhere.

I wonder if they ever heard of Charlotte’s Web? Perhaps that book is sacrilegious here?

Lamb's what's for dinner.